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Balloonatics are suppliers of helium balloons and balloon decorations in Albany, Auckland.

Balloonatics is a well established balloon décor business, based in Albany, on Auckland's North Shore, specializing in classic balloon decorations. We co-ordinate balloon decoration requirements for events throughout the country and also supply our famous Party Packs for decorating your own party with helium balloons, ribbons, seals and helium cylinder hireage. Click here to see our full range of services.

Every event can be enhanced by helium balloons and professional balloon decoration - from family functions, birthdays, Twenty-firsts, Fiftieths and Weddings to corporate events.

Inflate your own helium balloons with our Party Pack
Everything you need for creating your party. The party packs include balloons, pre-cut ribbons, balloons seals and helium cylinder hireage. Please contact us for further information.